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The end of the line

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I can relate to what Jill/txt writes about student emails.
it's a remnant of the old ideal of the independent student who should have the right to learn as she pleases) yet they all email you questions - you know, the "I won't be able to attend any of the tutorials. What's the assignment? Can you give me feedback?" kind of questions. And the frantic "Did you get my email?" the next day if you haven't answered.
The exame for Época de Recurso was yesterday. At least eight students I have never seen, only one of whom obviously knew what he was doing. Of the eight, four entered into email contact with me five days before the exam.

The questions I got this time in the week running up to their last chance exam i.e. their re-resit:
Is it important to study the book?
What do I have to study?
I can't do the oral presentation because I haven't had time to prepare it.
Please correct my article (midnight before the exam/time to give it in).
I hope the teacher will understand (and make allowances) that I can't speak English and so I couldn't come to the classes.

After the oral presentation I also have the standard scene with two - females - whose eyes glisten as they tell me that this is the only discipline they have em atraso and that 6.5 is really a 7 and if you consider X,Y and Z it could go to 7.6 which would make their final mark 8.8 which was nearly 9 which was nearly 10. And that would mean they had passed!

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