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Another comment

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Following on from a previous comment, Eduardo also said this in a later post:

"Like Teacher Beverly said, nothing is ever done. Well, I have to complete my previous post, and when I've said "no more exercises" I wanted to mean those exercises like we are used to do. Not those we are doing at our classes! If my memory is right, we haven't done twice the same tipe of exercise, wich means that we have always a different way to learn. Not only english, because the same strategies that I've learn in the IE classes I use to understand Italian texts. It works!

I hope that my colleagues don't misunderstood my posts with "graxa", because the ideia here is to share my point of view about the classes, and if I'm enjoying them, I can only say good things about it. Maybe others could give their oppinion too - two persons can go to the cinema and get out with different oppinions. By the way, what should be the english word for "graxa"?"

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